Eleven Days in August: A Chronicle of Summers

Meet The Author

Amatore Mille was born and raised in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and its surrounding suburbs. Raised within an Italian family, with strong bonds to his old-country grandparents, he played…then worked with his two brothers and sister on the wood-shavings covered ground of the family’s Italian sausage concession at the Wisconsin State Fair. Although long removed from Wisconsin he still, to this day, returns each August to the family and its operation at the Fair. This became the inspiration for the telling of his poignant and humorous memoir, Eleven Days in August: A Chronicle of Summers.

On the flip side of his Jekyll and Hyde career, Amatore, also known as “Matt” Mille, has had a long, successful career as a sales and marketing executive in the information technology industry with a focus on the financial services markets.

Something deep within him has, from his earliest youth, pushed Amatore in a constant search that has spanned various and diverse landscapes: historical research, archaeology, metaphysics, transpersonal psychology, spirituality. All these have a common thread – a search for the unknown and for deeper meanings. He has accumulated life experiences that are bursting at the seams and begging to be explored, understood, and shared.

It was on a daily train commute between Philadelphia and New York that Amatore decided to put down the morning paper and start to write his own story. From that point on he would write each day during his commute. A trip that had been interminably long suddenly became a flashing moment in time with the panicked shutting down of his laptop as New York’s Penn Station was unexpectedly announced by the conductor. Later, when he began to spend fewer days commuting to New York Amatore just started getting up at 4:30 each morning with a big pot of good coffee and got in three hours of uninterrupted writing while the world, largely, slept. The expression, a labor of love, seems applicable.

Amatore received a Bachelor of Science degree in Economics from the University of Wisconsin and accidentally slipped into a career in Information Technology. He lived in Milwaukee, Wauwatosa, and Brookfield prior to leaving Wisconsin in a job relocation that took him and his family to Southfield, Michigan in the suburbs of Detroit. In 1984 he relocated again, this time to the Philadelphia area. He now lives in Wayne, Pennsylvania, outside of Philadelphia.

Eleven Days in August: A Chronicle of Summers is Amatore Mille’s first book.